Your kite session with Supremesurf starts here.


Your kite session with Supremesurf starts here.

Have you planned your next trip to the sea? You want to learn to kite safely at the Baltic Sea or at the Bodden in optimal conditions? Find the right kitesurfing course at your Supreme Surf School in the right place.

Our kitesurfing courses

All Supremesurf kite lessons at a glance.

Kitesurfing Private Lesson
1 hour

from 59,- €

Reach your personal kite goal in intensive training.

Kitesurfing course 2 to 1
2 hours

99,- € p.P.

Learn kitesurfing in a duo for riding fun in a double pack.

VDWS Kitesurf License Course
1 hour

35,- € p.P.

Secure compact knowledge and your own kitesurfing license.

Kitesurfing taster course
4 hours

99,- € p.P.

Fly your kite and experience the power of the wind.

Kitesurfing Beginner Course
2 days, 8 hours

199,- € p.P.

Start through and kite your first meters.

Kitecamp Beginner
4 days, 16 hours

from 329,- € p.p.

Become one with your kite and surf safely over the water.

Advanced Kitesurfing Course
2 hours

149,- € p.P.

File at your skills and reach your next level.

Kitecamp Advanced
4 days, 12 hours

299,- € p.p.

Give yourself intense water time and surf with us into the pro-level.

Supervised Kiting
3 hours

from 30,- € p.p.

Plan your kite session with us at your side.

Kitesurfing is the popular trend sport where you can glide across the water with the power of a large kite and a board under your feet. Whether freeriding at your favorite spot, freestyles with tricks in the air, wave surfing, or racing, everything is possible when kiting and action is guaranteed.

Whether beginner or advanced: at your Supreme Surf School you will learn kitesurfing safely in small groups of two to a maximum of four students or in individual training.
Dream spots on the Baltic Sea coast and at the Saaler Bodden offer you the optimal learning environment for your kitesurfing course or your kite camp.

All Supreme Surf Instructors are licensed by the Association of German Water Sports Schools (VDWS) and teach you with our Supreme Surf course concept exactly what you need for an independent further practice with your kite: The practical skills on the water and important theory basics combined with maximum learning fun!