Your VDWS Kitesurf License Course

Rent surf material worldwide.

Your VDWS Kitesurf License Course

Rent surf material worldwide.

You plan a kitesurfing holiday, but don’t have your own material yet? After this
compact course you will receive your internationally recognized VDWS-Kitesurf license.
It offers you the possibility to rent kitesurfing equipment worldwide.


The most important information at a glance.

Included in your VDWS kitesurf license course:
a theory lesson of compact basic knowledge
VDWS Work and Stylebook (Basics, Maneuvers, Terms)
internationally recognized VDWS kitesurfing license (after successful theory test)
Possibility to rent kite material worldwide

35€ p.p.

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Questions and answers about your surf course

The course consists of an hour of theory lessons as well as a final theoretical examination. For the theoretical exam, you get the VDWS Work and Stylebook. It includes the complete kitesurfing basic knowledge, maneuvers, and term explanations. The topics of the theory lesson are, for example, material science, rules of priority, and safety. After successfully completing the course, you are the proud owner of your own VDWS license.

the participant of the license course receives a personal kitesurfing license, from your surf instructor. The card with a sequential license number becomes a permanent companion. It is helpful when borrowing material or in order to be able to prove VDWS kite training to local authorities. Confirmation for already completed levels is provided with a special sticker
(similar to a TÜV badge) on the Kitesurfing Licence Card.
The VDWS skill level system consists of 7 levels and a theory step. Level 5 and a theory level are the prerequisites for the classical basic certificate level.
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Level 1:
General safety, launch preparation, take-off exercises, first flight exercises, body drag
Level 2:
Body drag, water start of the kite
Level 3:
Water start, at least 50 meters driven
Identifying technical terms, evasive rules, nature conservation, hazards
Level 4:
Space schot driving, taxes, keeping height, base neck
Level 5:
Climb higher
Level 6:
Base jumps and sliding necks or transition jump
Level 7:
Rotations or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board off or Railey

If you are a school student or trainee, enter the discount code “student” in the designated field during the ordering process and you save 10% off the course fee. Please send us a certificate (school student ID, student ID, confirmation of education).

Yes of course! A surf voucher is a unique idea. You have the choice between a course voucher or a cash voucher, which can then be redeemed flexibly in the Supreme Surf School.


Your surf bus in Saal am Traumrevier.

Your surf school directly at the Saaler Bodden near Ribnitz-Damgarten is the basis for your perfect water time. The large Supremesurf bus combines surf school, surf shop, surf equipment rental, test center, and café in one. The iconic double-decker bus features a rooftop terrace, a hot pool and a heated chillout lounge. A
Training room as well as simulators for dry training offer you the optimal training conditions.

The large bus of the Supreme Surf School in Saal is evident in the water. The surf area offers you an extensive standing area with sandy ground. Due to the proximity to the Baltic Sea, the sea wind blows unhindered and evenly over the Bodden. A motorboat makes training in all wind directions possible and safe.

From the roof terrace, you can enjoy the unique view over the Bodden landscape and the hot pool invites you to relax your surfing day. The nearby Darß with its beautiful Baltic beaches offers a successful variety, as does the extensive cultural program in the region.