Surf courses for companies

On the go, off into the water

Surf courses for companies

On the go, off into the water

The Active Program of the Supreme Surf School, specially developed for companies, turns your employees into a team!

Our company sports special

All Supreme company sports special information at a glance.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the Supreme Surf School introduces itself to you on the following pages with the concept “Company Sports Special”. Let your team spirit decide, we are ready to go! In recent years, water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing have developed rapidly and are becoming increasingly popular. The Supreme Surf School has specialized in kitesurfing and windsurfing for over ten years and has prepared an exciting program for you. Thanks to numerous inspiring events with Red Bull, the DKB or AIDA, we have developed extensive know-how from which you and your employees will benefit.

This is also the added value for your employees:

+ wide range of different trend water sports, adapted to your wishes and requirements
+ over ten years of experience and maximum quality in course delivery ensure the best learning success
+ different locations guarantee the best conditions

Our three main locations on the Baltic Sea coast and on the Bodden offer the ideal conditions for your company sports special program. Regardless of the weather conditions, their team benefits from active recreation beyond the water sports courses, for example with stand up paddling, yoga or even the popular combination of both, the SUP yoga. Relaxation on land is also provided. At the Beachhouse in Warnemünde, your fellow colleagues can relax in the Caribbean flair for their next surfing session. One of our catering partners will be happy to take care of your physical well-being, just contact us.
We look forward to welcoming and inspiring you and your team soon in your individual incentive!

Yours sincerely



The conditions are fantastic

The Supremesurf training stations are located on the North German Baltic Sea coast. The surf bus is located in Saal, a first-class kite and windsurfing spot in the middle of the beautiful nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The Beachhouse is in the perfect location on Warnemünde Beach, right in front of Hotel Neptun, and offers excellent conditions for surfing, stand-up paddling, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Surroundings of the surf bus

The Saaler Bodden, a standing area with sandy ground, separates the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst from the mainland. Due to the proximity to the Baltic Sea, the wind can blow unhindered over the Bodden. The extensive-standing area and additional safety by a motorboat make the training possible in all wind directions and offer optimal conditions for beginners!

But not only on the water but also on land the potential of the charming surf bus station, in which surf school, shop, rental, test centre and café are united. In addition, the surf bus with its roof terrace, hot pool and heated chillout lounge offer a pleasant environment before and after the courses.

Surroundings of the Beachhouse

The Beachhouse is located in the heart of the Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde. The proximity to the tower of the water rescue ensures additional safety in the water sports activities. On sunny, windless days, the Baltic Sea invites you to stand-up paddling and cooling off, or surfing on the ferry wave. The sandbanks in front of Warnemünde offer safety for the first attempts for windsurfing beginners in calm seas and light winds. As soon as the wind refreshes, “the Baltic Sea” turns into a challenging spot for wave surfers. In addition, you can watch the water sports enthusiasts with a drink at the beach bar. Safety is a top priority for the Supreme Surf Team during activities. Our training concept, consisting of professional instruction with licensed teachers and a healthy pinch of learning-by-doing, enables rapid learning progress. Training in English is also possible!


We have put together various activities for you and your employees. Variations or programs tailored to your needs are also possible on request.
All three options are available in kite and windsurfing.

Program 1

2 days

+ 8 hours, spread over both days, depending on the conditions
+ learn important basics and then off to the water!
Surf the first meters on the board.
learn of maneuvers, such as turning, necks and taxes
+ on the surf bus in Saal

Surf Camp
5 days

+ 15 hours, spread over 5 days, depending on weather conditions
+ detailed treatment of all relevant topics on and off the water during the course
Surfing, turning/, possibly holding height
Surfing on all courses
+ on the surf bus in Saal u/o. at the Beachhouse in Wanremünde

Programme 2

FLEXIBLES ADD-ON (Advanced and Expert)

+ can be carried out in parallel with the beginner course/camp or as a separate activity
Wave, Foil, Jump Training
+ EXPERIENCE TRAINING IN WINDSURFEN Powerneck, Back or Frontloop Training
guided surfing at spots with favorite conditions
+ at the surf bus or at the beach house – depending on wind and weather conditions


+ Training in small groups with maximum water time
+ Use of latest material
+ varied supporting programme during the programme: SUP Tour, Beach Bar, Sundowner, Beachlife, Beach-Barbecue
+ the possibility of additional acquisition of the VDWS* license
+ lots of fun through a licensed, professional and motivated team

Association of German Windsurfing & Water Sports Schools
After completion of the camp, the VDWS kitesurfing license for 35 €, or the windsurfing license for 30 € can be purchased.
The license allows the owner to borrow material from all VDWS stations worldwide. License purchase includes training materials, exam preparation, exam preparation, and a license card.

Programme 3


17:00 to 19:00 – Material from the whole station is available and depending on the conditions there are several activities:

Let go, breathe, and immerse yourself in another world.
Surf your first meters with us in one of the following sports:
+ SUP, surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing
+ SUP, surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing

+ take a break from moving everyday life
is becoming more and more important.
+ relax at the Beach Bar, play volleyball or beach football at the beach…

19:30 to 22:00 – Shared buffet with the finest grilled goods from our caterer and refreshing drinks



Theory, Excursions, SUP – In addition to the course, there is the possibility to use the extensive water sports offer of the station free of charge. When there is no wind, the camp participants can try out the trend sports stand up paddling (SUP) or improve their board feel at the water skiing and wakeboard facility in Körkwitz. The adjacent peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst with its beautiful Baltic Beaches, as well as the nearby Hanseatic city of Rostock offer an extensive cultural program. A highlight is the supporting programme consisting of other sports facilities, such as stand up paddling, surfing, longboarding, slacklining, beach volleyball and a barbecue evening.


Hof Himmelgrün is a five-minute drive from the surf bus in Saal. There are four separate but directly adjacent apartments available. The apartments are comfortably furnished. They have one or two 2-4 bed rooms, a private kitchen and a private bathroom. The beautiful common garden invites you to barbecue and relax. For activities that take place at BEACH HOUSE, you can book at dock INN Hostel, Hotel NEPTUN or Aja Hotel.






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If we have sparked your interest, we would be happy to help you with the finding a suitable water sports activity for your company. For further questions and appointments, please contact us at: 0381 / 460 770 71 or [email protected] .

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