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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

the Supreme Surf School would like to introduce itself briefly on the following page and propose an attractive offer to expand your university sports courses. In recent years, water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing have developed rapidly and are becoming increasingly popular. We would like to offer your students the opportunity to participate in the surf camp “Uni-Special” and to experience a special kind of university sport. The Uni-Camp has been successfully conducted several times in recent years and offers intensive training by trained and licensed surf instructors to bring the participants safely on the board. The team spirit and fun in sport, as well as the supporting programme, are also important focal points of the 5-day camp.

Together with your university, we will find a suitable period for the implementation of the Saaler Bodden surf camp, which offers perfect learning conditions for the participants. Your students will be accommodated in a surf hostel nearby and will be expertly supervised by the Supremesurf team.

In case of a lack of wind, a wakeboard system in the immediate vicinity offers the possibility to continue the lessons on the boards. 40km from the surf bus is our next location in Rostock, from where the Warnow can be explored with the SUP board. We would be happy to welcome your students to one of our university camps soon!

Yours sincerely



The conditions are dreamlike

The Supremesurf training stations are located on the North German Baltic Sea coast. The surf bus is located in Saal, a first-class kite and windsurfing spot in the middle of the beautiful nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The Beachhouse is in the perfect location on Warnemünde Beach, right in front of Hotel Neptun, offering outstanding conditions for surfing, stand-up paddling, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Situated on the North German Baltic Sea coast and in the middle of the beautiful nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Supremesurf training station in Saal is located on a first-class surf spot.
The Saaler Bodden, a standing area with a sandy underground, separates the peninsula Fisch-land Darß Zingst from the mainland.
Due to the proximity to the Baltic Sea, the wind can blow unhindered over the Bodden.
The wide standing area and additional fuse by a motorboat make the training possible in all wind directions and offer optimal conditions for starters!

But not only on the water but also on land the potential of the charming surf bus station, in which surf school, shop, rental, test centre and café are united. In addition, the surf bus with its roof terrace, the hot pool and a heated chillout lounge offer a pleasant area before and after the courses.
The topic of safety is a top priority for the Supremesurf team during the camps. Our training concept consisting of professional instruction with licensed teachers and a healthy pinch of “learning-by-doing” enables quick learning progress. Training in English is also possible!



+ Training in small groups with maximum water time
+ Use of latest material
+ varied supporting programme during the programme: SUP Tour, Beach Bar, Sundowner, Beachlife, Beach-Barbecue
+ the possibility of additional acquisition of the VDWS* license
+ lots of fun through a licensed, professional and motivated team

Association of German Windsurfing & Water Sports Schools
After completion of the camp, the VDWS kitesurfing license for 35 €, or the windsurfing license for 30 € can be purchased.
The license allows the owner to borrow material from all VDWS stations worldwide. License purchase includes training materials, exam preparation, exam preparation, and a license card.

Procedure of a kitesurfing camp

Under favorable wind conditions and depending on the learning progress, the week can be as follows:


Safety First Training, flight school with a trainer kite, kite setup & kite control.


Kite control, relaunch, body drag, first water launch attempts.


Water start training, board control, travel the first meters.


Self Rescue, courses.


Free riding with assistance, manoeuvre training.



Theory, excursions, SUP – In addition to the course, there is the possibility to use the extensive water sports offer of the station free of charge. When there is no wind, the camp participants can try out the trend sports stand up paddling (SUP) or improve their board feel at the water skiing and wakeboard facility in Körkwitz.
The adjacent peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst with its beautiful Baltic beaches, as well as the nearby Hanseatic city of Rostock, offer an extensive cultural program. A highlight is the supporting programme consisting of other sports facilities, such as stand up paddling, surfing, longboarding, slacklining, beach volleyball and a barbecue evening.


The surf hostel “Schloss Wiepkenhagen” is a 10-minute drive from the surf school. The castle offers cosy 2 to 5 bedrooms, as well as a spacious hall with billiard tables, a ter-race and a park.
The large, fully equipped kitchen is ideal for cooking breakfast and dinner together.



+ 5 days with a total of 15h kitesurfing training
+ Number of participants 6 – 16 people with max. 4 students per teacher
+ Buddysystem, i.e. 2 students per kite
+ Supervision and training by VDWS-licensed teachers
+ current material (fully insured), tailored to the respective level of the students
(this includes kites, boards, wetsuits and accessories)


+ varied supporting programme
+ free use of the station’s all water sports equipment
+ no wind alternatives: wakeboarding, stand-up paddling
+ Liability insurance for the course time
+ Advanced courses available on demand

* Accommodation not included in the price!

KITESURF CAMP (5 days & 15h) = 289.00€



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

HTW Berlin

University of Rostock

Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

University of Potsdam


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JUNI KW 23 verfügbar KW 24 verfügbar KW 25 verfügbar KW 27 verfügbar
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If we have aroused your interest with the offer, we will be happy to help you with the implementation of a university surf camp of your university. For further questions and appointments please contact me at: 0381 / 460 770 71 or [email protected] .

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