We’ll take you to the water.


We’ll take you to the water.

Check out our two surf schools on the Baltic Sea and the Bodden and learn more about the Supremesurf course concept. Find out what drives us and who we are.

Surf School Warnemünde

(Baltic Sea)

Surfing School Saal


The Supremesurf course concept

For your perfect water time.

No matter which surf course you choose, the Supremesurf course concept will always be the basis. You benefit from our many years of experience in all surfing disciplines, with all ages and skill levels.

Here you get an overview of what is important to us:


Warm-Up: Let us welcome you to your Supreme Surf School with a broad smile and get to know your surf buddies. Only a harmonious group has lasting learning successes and we promote that. We already take care of this behind the scenes when we plan your course. In addition, the relaxed atmosphere on-site will immediately put you in the right mood and nothing stands in the way of a good start.

Perfect Match

Perfect match: We equip you from head to toe with everything you need for your surf course with us. For this, we take our time and make sure that the wetsuit does not tweak and the surf shoe is not uncomfortable. Our treasure trove full of surf material is always equipped up under the ceiling with the latest surf equipment and you are guaranteed to make a good figure with it.

Know how

Know-how: Just like you, we can’t wait to finally jump into the water, our favorite element. Nevertheless, you will always start with the theory unit on land. But frontal lessons were yesterday! Let yourself be convinced that dry (on land) exercises are fun. Our trained teachers will teach you the important basic knowledge creatively and playfully. And just like that, you’re already on your board.

Cool down

Cool down: Off to the cool water – we love our classrooms! Because they are well equipped for our students. From the shallow shallow water area in the middle of idyllic nature reserves to our own water sports area on the popular Baltic Sea beach including Baywatch from the DLRG rescue tower next door. Your safety is our top priority and by the way, you have the most efficient learning conditions. Fast successes and the Supremesurf feeling are guaranteed.


Refresh: After your surf course is before the next Supremesurf event. We want to stay in touch with you. Become part of the large family that grows and becomes more colorful every year. Visit our dear colleagues at the Supremesurf Shop in Rostock and get advice from the them about the latest equipment and the trends of the scene. Experience events that won’t let you sleep with joy and excitement. And let’s be by your side to reach your next surfing level.

Supremesurf Mission

What moves us and is important.

Supremesurf means for us the highest of all surfing feelings. And that’s always available for free. You feel it when you stumble back from the beach on shaky legs from surfing. When you run into your buddies in the wet wetsuit with a permanent grin. And if the bed is still rocking in the evening, from the day on the water.

Your community. Be in motion together, experience positive moments, collect and capture feelings of happiness. Stay part of the Supremesurf family beyond your surfing course. At our surf stations with café and beach bar you are always welcome.

Exciting events are waiting for you and cordial staff at the Supreme Surfshop at Rostock’s city harbor always have a smile for you.

Your time. Let go, breathe, and immerse yourself in another world. Taking a break from moving in everyday life is becoming more and more important. The first generation of the Supremesurf family has already grown out of the teenage sneakers. The Supremesurfing experiences create the perfect balance to student, job or family life: Whether on weekends with the Van at the Bodden, at the Sundowner at the Beachhouse, or at our colorful festivals directly on the water.

Your Supremesurf team. We are there for you when you write your own surfing story. Deepen your skills in the advanced course before you start your road trip to the Atlantic. Let us advise you and go with exactly the surf equipment from our surf shop, which you really need. And tell us about your surfing adventures when we see each other on the beach again.

Your Supremesurf Team

We are there for you.


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